Why join us?



We believe that success is a product of talent, hard work and investment in people. That’s why we make sure everyone at Third Bridge has the opportunities, training, tools and encouragement to get the most out of their talents. But this isn't the only reason to join us.

What does it mean to work at Third Bridge?


What does it mean to work at Third Bridge?

Being part of our team is about taking pride in everything you do. Holding yourself to the highest standards. Developing your leadership skills. Being a master of your craft. Growing with us. Loving change. And learning from inspirational people at every level of our business. Just as importantly, it’s about delivering on the promises that we all make to our colleagues, clients and specialists.

But don't just believe us, hear from one of our colleagues here.

Our culture 

We’re proud of the global, collaborative, flexible and adaptable culture we’ve built along our journey. It’s a culture that’s centred around feedback and open communication. One that encourages fresh perspectives. And where there’s a shared belief that all ideas help fuel our continuous improvement. Behind it all is a leadership team that works hard to encourage excellence - along with a set of culture commitments that drive us all to achieve more and do better, every day.

We commit to


Making Bold Moves

  • Being proud of our ambition
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Making innovation a priority
  • Embracing mistakes and learning from them

Clients & Specialists Winning

  • Understanding what drives their success
  • Ensuring their voices are heard in our decision making
  • Making it as effortless as possible to do business with us
  • Ensuring that the client or specialist winning does not mean Third Bridge losing

Crafting Great Work

  • Mastering our specialty and skillset
  • Preparing thoroughly and being solutions-oriented
  • Insisting on the highest ethical standards
  • Striving to be better than the last time, every time

Our People Growing

  • Helping everyone to develop the skills needed for their future
  • Treating each other with humanity and respect
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Rewarding potential and not just experience

All Rising Together

  • Achieving our best by working together
  • Taking responsibility for the success of others
  • Understanding each other’s point of view
  • Delivering on the promises we make to each other

Life at Third Bridge

Find out what life at Third Bridge is really all about…


Our Beginning

Find out where - and how - the Third Bridge story began.

Trust in People

Discover why we give our people the power to build our future.


Everyone has a story about the opportunities they’ve found at Third Bridge.


"No two days are ever the same" 

Hear from Richard Custodio, a Senior Associate in our New York City expert network team, on what makes Third Bridge special. 


We’re might all be different, but we all share the same approach to diversity.

Skill Development

We don’t just focus on our people: we focus on creating a great environment for learning.


From volunteering to fundraising, there are lots of initiatives to get involved in outside of your day to day.

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