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Graduate Associate, Consulting Clients (m/f/d)

Munich, BY, Germany

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Graduate Associate, Consulting Clients (m/f/d)



The Munich office is our first European office outside of London. We began building our team in April 2024 with the aim of being closer to our DACH-based clients. We're based in an impressive heritage-listed building, which is situated right next door to the infamous Frauenkirche and just around the corner from the bustling Marienplatz. Check out our openings in Munich for the opportunity to join the seed team here!

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About Third Bridge
Third Bridge is a market-leading investment research firm. We provide integrated solutions for the world’s top investors and business leaders to help them make smarter and faster decisions. No other company in the world provides the same holistic investment offering: our superpower is the combination of human insights and unique investor-led content with a global expert network. We serve over 1,000 investment firms, offering clients 24/7 coverage through our team of 1,300+ employees located across eight offices.


Please note, in applying to this role you are not applying to be a Consultant. Third Bridge is a market-leading investment research firm, we orchestrate and create research for our clients. This role is an Associate in Third Bridge and you'll be working with our Consulting Clients.


What is Consulting?
Our consulting clients work on behalf of large companies (e.g. Fortune 500’s) or institutional investors and support them by doing deep dive research to provide guidance on their corporate strategy or investment decisions. The insights they get through our experts and content are the backbone of the recommendations they deliver to their clients.


Associate, Consulting Clients
As an Associate in our Consulting business, you’ll have opportunities to work with the top management consulting firms in the world. They will trust in you for access to the most relevant experts and research content, which you are responsible for identifying and recommending to them throughout their project lifecycles. To do so you'll gather a unique set of stakeholder management skills that will help you deliver excellent results for both clients and experts. The projects can be complex, but the impact is meaningful - every day you will get to hear directly from your clients, experts and colleagues about the difference you have made. 


The hats you will wear:

  • Business driver: understanding excellent client servicing in a highly competitive market and how your work impacts revenue growth. Work with your team to execute strategies for the accounts you are responsible for.

In practice: on every project, you will have an opportunity to drive performance by delivering on client requests. Each client and expert interaction is an opportunity to bring in revenue and build your book of business.

  • Problem solver: Consulting clients count on us for their research needs, it’s our job to execute on their requests for experts. 

In practice: you will search for and vet experts to support your clients at each stage of their research. They operate under very tight deadlines that we have to match with urgency, but not at the expense of quality. 

  • Player & coach: We operate as one team, both within your individual team and within the EU Consulting business at large. One day, you will be leading the charge, and another you’ll be supporting your peers.

In practice: you will be asked to train and develop the people around you, both on your team and those you’re working with on client requests. You will also receive lots of hands-on training and coaching yourself. We are a feedback-centric culture, and value effective communication.

  • Research partner: Throughout their research, clients rely on us to think as an extension of their team. 

In practice: there will be times where we need to think outside the box and offer solutions that bridges their knowledge gaps, quickly. You’ll also need occasionally to go above and beyond to ensure a smooth partnership with your clients.


Areas that play to your strengths:

  • Business fluent in German (written and oral - Level C1 and above).
  • You must be able to deliver high quality and high volume work on a deadline. You will be working on lots of workstreams simultaneously, but that energises you - you have the ability to multitask and remain organised, collaborating with others. Consultants are working to make decisions quickly, so the ability to be efficient with your time is key. When your client relies on us for help at off hours, or your expert is in a different time zone, you strive to support - your hours vary according to the client project you are involved in, but you prefer that to a routine job. Each day will look different, and that’s what makes the job interesting.
  • The Founder’s Mentality completely resonates with you, as this approach is part of our DNA. Each day and each deliverable is a chance to go above and beyond for your expert, client, team, and prove that you’re the best of the best.
  • You’re competitive with a drive towards excellence, as you will be held towards both qualitative and quantitative performance measures. Consulting firms work with many of our competitors, and you’re focussed on setting yourself apart and have them rely on you as a trusted, true partner. You’re also resilient and are able to roll with the punches even when clients go in another direction, and commit to challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • You’re a clear communicator who can create the right narrative to share your ideas with a wide range of people, such as introducing our products and services to new clients and experts. You always look for the most efficient way to get things done, rather than the path of least resistance - for example you pick up the phone to get an answer to your questions straight away, rather than send an email and wait for a reply. Cold calling doesn’t phase you - what matters to you is to get results, and fast.
  • Your attitude is to roll up your sleeves and you enjoy being in the thick of the action together with others. It matters a great deal to you to understand how your performance ranks against your own potential and against others, so you continuously seek feedback to make sure you can be at the top of your game. One of your clients preferring a competitor over you is not an acceptable state of affairs for you - you’re relentless in getting the data points you need to adjust your approach until you are their number one. With the skills gained on the job (hard skills are getting displaced by machines), you aspire to a future as a high EQ business leader.

Zusätzliche Informationen

What our people love about being Associates in Consulting Clients:

  • Being surrounded by people they not only enjoy working with, but who also challenge and support them from the peer level up through senior management.
  • Owning individual responsibilities to grow our business, while also being in a team-oriented environment and working closely with their peers.
  • Consultants truly lean on Third Bridge for their research, whether for strategy consulting or diligence work. Our clients are appreciative of and value our support and partnership.
  • Getting to dip their toes into every imaginable industry under the sun, and getting exposed to a variety of individuals with unique perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Building strong relationships both internally and externally create significant opportunities for professional development.
  • We win together as a team.


Thrive at Third Bridge!

Expect your total first-year compensation to be in excess of 60,000 including bonus. Beyond pay, you can expect clear performance goals and to be recognised for your contributions. After ~2 years of strong results you could transition from being an individual contributor to managing your own team and P&L - a huge career milestone. Depending on your aspirations, you could also progress to a role in Sales, Product, or opportunities across our organisation.
We ensure every team member is able to bring their best self to work as well as in their lives outside - take a look at our benefits:

  • Salary: Competitive base salary of €52,000  with access to our bonus scheme after just 1 month. Plus an increase of €2,500 on your base salary upon performance milestone achievement (average timeframe is within the 1st year).
    • In Year 1, an average performer can expect to earn at least €60,000 OTE but our top performers make more!
  • Vacation: 28 days plus local Public Holidays

  • Learning: personal development allowance of €850 per year

  • Health and wellbeing: sick pay, health insurance and long-term care insurance

  • Future and family: employer pension contributions (EE and Employer split equally - 9.3%)

  • Flexibility: 2 annual volunteer days2 personal days when life throws you a curveball and 'Summer Fridays'

  • Company Equipment: Apple Macbook plus €20 employee reimbursement for mobile phone usage

  • Rewards: get points through our colleague-to-colleague recognition programme to spend on hotels, gift cards, donations to charity and more

  • Social: weekly optional social gatherings, daily breakfast and snacks, social events

  • ESG: CSR, Environment and Diversity & Inclusion (including Women at Third Bridge, Pride and Blkbridge)

  • Frontline Innovation: your chance to share your ideas for improvement through Hackathons and other events