Life at Third Bridge

We work hard but we also enjoy each other's company. It says a lot that teams are often found socialising outside of the office. We love celebrating our wins, big and small.

We're not sure exactly what Team Mumbai are trying to express in this photo, but we think it's excitement over their new joiners and the weekend ahead. Enjoy, everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸŒ
Cheers! 🍻
The New York Forum team had a blast at their social – cruising into the weekend in style!
We've been celebrating globally this week in honour of the company's official incorporation date 10 years ago – Happy birthday Third Bridge!
The Sales & Account Management teams had an exotic week at their offsite in Marrakesh!
After this week's (slightly terrifying) talk on the importance of good posture, we would strongly recommend you all keep moving this weekend! Happy Friday!
Fantastic team social this week as the Hong Kong team managed to escape the room – just in time for the weekend!
We are Third Bridge added 9 new photos to the album: Great Place to Work Awards 2017.
Great work by Third Bridge NYC earlier this week – our largest team ever came out to support God's Love We Deliver!
An eggcelent spread over at the Zetland House office – Happy Easter from everyone at Third Bridge!

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Life in (and outside) our offices

We are proud of our unique office spaces. But with ski trips, away days and off-sites every year, we love time away from them too.

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